Why you shouldn’t miss WordCamp

WordCamp NZ, 7 August 2010Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make WordCamp Auckland this year – family commitments take higher priority. But if you can, you should be there. Here’s why.

It’s a mixture of set speakers and unconference-style bits, with lots of creative people sharing their secrets, and sparking discussion. That’s what I love about BarCamps and the like; they actually put into practice the promise of social media – dialogue, not just speeches.

There are the speakers I know – people like Courtney Lambert (who’s talking about markcomms), Rachel Cunliffe (who’s talking about design and, hopefully, community), Michael Brandon (who’s been on iJumpTV, talking about SEO), Jayson Bryant from The Wine Vault (talking about online video), Suzanne Kendrick (who’s also been on iJumpTV) talking about community management, Bill Bennett (who’s talking about online writing – a topic dear to my heart!) and of course Jason Kemp, who’s one of the key organisers and advocates of WordCamp.

There are of course other people who I know through social media and will have to meet in real life another time – I could list them all but check them out on the speakers page.

In a phone conversation earlier, Jason told me WordCamp has become about more than just WordPress. It’s attracting an ever more diverse and creative group of people, who are all using WordPress as part of what they do. The “part” part is important – although it’s a cliche to many, social media really is all about having an ecosystem, where the whole is more powerful than the sum of the parts.

If you do head along to WordCamp NZ, please write a blog post about it for me – it’ll be almost as good as being there. Register here.

One thought on “Why you shouldn’t miss WordCamp

  • Luigi Cappel

    I won't be able to make it either, funeral for father in law is Friday and lots of family stuff to do this weekend.


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