Why one company needed to change their employee blogging policy


The more conversations we have with clients the more they’re saying that most NZ Corporate companies are not ready to blog. They either don’t see the need, or they’re not sure where to start.

It’s challenging but not impossible. The advantage of being in a small country is that we can learn from other corporate companies mistakes and successes.

Here are a few tips by Robert Scoble on starting a corporate blog.

Corporates in the high-tech sector like Microsoft and Telecom have employees that blog, although they make it clear that their views expressed on their blogs are their individual views, not their company’s.

Microsoft refer bloggers to their company policy, which enforces the same standard that would apply when speaking in public.

Other corporates like Vodafone don’t have a blog of their own but they monitor the blogosphere and participate openly in conversations. This I’m sure impresses their customers and no doubt demonstrates their openness, transparency and most of all their online presence.

Last thought:

Corporate companies have been producing newsletters to their clients for decades. The 21st century version is a blog that sends your newsletter messages, plus so much more….

  • You’re the host
  • Get to know your customer
  • They get to know you
  • You can empower them to co-create with you
  • Ask for their feedback- you’d be surprised how much you’ll learn
  • Have a conversation
  • Be present

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I’ll leave you with an example of a Company (outside NZ) that needed to make changes to their employee blogging policy.

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One thought on “Why one company needed to change their employee blogging policy

  • sd card

    well…I am bit confused with your thought and policy. I knew many companies owner which are never goes to change their employee department. Anyway thanks for sharing your information with us.


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