Why execs should embrace social media, part 3 of 3: Role Model

The next generation needs you more than you think
Be a role model

Reason #3) To be a Role Model

Many executives find it rewarding to mentor the next generation. Perhaps the value in teaching others is that we learn more ourselves.

What better way to get this kind of wisdom cycle going than to start a blog, or better yet, actively participate on other blogs.

Most mistakes are repeated mistakes and it’s up to this generation of executives to pass on what they’ve learnt.  There are a plethora of wonderful forums online that give the old hands opportunities to mentor and guide.

Commenting on other people’s blog posts is often the easiest way to get involved. If your appetite gets a little bigger then consider starting a blog of your own. It can be a great way to get your insights and memoirs out to a wider community and perhaps in someway could become your legacy. Either way, there has never been a better time to get started with social media.

Thanks for staying with this series. I hope these three reasons inspire action. If you need any help on where to start then please feel free to contact your local social media expert and don’t forget to consider syENGAGE.com as one of your options  😆

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