Why do you tweet? Sarah wants to know

Why do people use Twitter? That’s the question Sarah Moore wants to know for her academic research. So we thought we’d put the question out to everyone. Or rather, questions:

  • Why do YOU use Twitter?
  • What kinds of Twitter updates are of most interest to you?
  • Do you follow any businesses on Twitter? Which of their Tweets are of most interest to you and why?
  • In your experience, do many teenagers Twitter?  Why/why not?
  • What does Twitter offer that other social networking sites (such as Facebook) do not?
  • If you use Twitter for business purposes – what does Twitter offer your business?
  • How do you think Businesses can make the most of Twitter?

You can send answers in the form of a tweet to @whytweetnz or email to sarahmooreblue@hotmail.com. Happy explaining!

(Photo credit: Brittany G)

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