Who’s really in control?

If you haven’t already noticed, I ask a lot of questions. One morning as we were walking through Titirangi’s majestic bush scenery, we discovered a new track. We took our chances, walking and then stumbling through the steep track. I felt gravity pushing me like a bully, and soon gravity and I were in a wrestling match.

As I made my way to the office I couldn’t stop thinking about how much we like to think we’re in control. But we think we control far more than we actually do.

When you participate in social media, it’s like life. You don’t really have control of the outcome.

But any form of marketing where you do feel you have control is an illusion. The social media world is where your audience is increasingly going to be. These are people, with views, opinions, preferences – and a voice.

It’s your choice whether you engage with these people, or just remain in your illusion.  Here’s how Avis Uk has started to engage.

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