What’s trending on Sina Weibo this week (23 Oct, 2013)

77689455jw1e9tt5y744jj20c80ghab7What if mandarin was a compulsory part of university entrance exams in New Zealand? 

A similar question is being asked on Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter), and it’s one of the top trending topics this week. 

English has always been a compulsory part of the GaoKao (university entrance exam), but some provinces may remove this requirement. 

As some netizens have pointed out, some students don’t plan to go overseas, so they don’t really need to learn English. 

The GaoKao is also under scrutiny after a visiting Chinese mathematician from Harvard expressed disappointment at Chinese students simply applying rote learning, and not grasping the key mathematical concepts. 

In other scary news, there are only 10 weeks left in 2013! How are you going to make those 10 weeks count?

Here are the complete top 10 topics on Sina Weibo this week:

Top 10 hot Topic on Sina Weibo

1, #最给力粉丝团体# (Most Gelivable fans)
Hunan Satellite TV Weibo Account launched the campaign to select the most Gelivable fans group. Netizens who took part in the campaign need to tell”we are the fans of XXXX, and we are XXXX”. 

2 #给昨天的自己# (Talk to your past self)
Ask netizens to say something to your past self. There’s also a Debate topic “How should we face our dream”

3, #黑室友大赛# (Funny roommate contest)
Ask people to share the funniest picture of their roommates. (See example above!)

4, #现在特别想吃什么# (I want to eat __ now!) 
Share the special food you want to eat at the moment. (Of course, tweeting and sharing photos of food happens all the time – and not just on Chinese social media!)

5, #数学滚出高考# (Get maths out of the GaoKao)
The Famous Chinese mathematician from Harvard University had a face-to-face meeting with some top mathematics students. But he was disappointed with those students, because he thought they were only good at doing exercises and without a clear notion. So netizens thought mathematics should not be included in “Gao Kao” 

6, #2013年只剩10周# (2013 has 10 weeks left) 
Encourage people to work hard or make more effects because there will be only 10 weeks left for the year 2013. 

7, #英语滚出高考# (Get English out of GaoKao)
The news said some place in China will make some changes of “GaoKao”. Netizens thought English should not be included in “Gao Kao” as well because, why learn English if we have no plan to go to the foreign country. And some people asked how many English words you had spoken after the “GaoKao”. 

8, #晚安# (Good night)
Ask people to say “Good night” to the people they love. 

9, #黑西装男神# (Literally, “Black suit male god”)
Damai.cn released a campaign to ask people to share who is the most handsome celebrity in a black suit. 

10, #女生暴打同学# (Girls beat classmate)
A 19-minute video showed 8-9 schoolgirls beating their classmate and forcing her to drink toilet water. Netizens felt angry with the news and provided different opinions. 


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