What’s the ROI on your networking event?


Or how do you measure blogging? 

What about measuring these activities? 

  • Lunch meeting with a potential client
  • Golf game (hmm I’ve never played) 
  • Billboard ad
  • Magazine article
  • Conversations
  • Love

Come to think of it, how do we measure being human?  Being real, raw, inspirational, giving, open-source, sharing. These are some of the words and concepts social media communities embrace and expect.

I’m not saying spill your guts on the world.  I’m saying relax and know that you have something very unique and tremendously empowering to offer your audience or your clients by participating.

Positive peer pressure is a powerful influence! It can penetrate many levels – personal, business, national, global! You get to share success, encourage feedback, and eventually build a credible, enjoyable platform to co-create, challenge and inspire one another.    

When you first join a social network get to know the site, what topics are people responding to, say hi, and be ready to answer a question you have the expertise in!  

Leads will eventually open up for you because the community will start to trust your advice.

This has happened to us just by being us and being ready to participate in a conversation.

I’ve got to go now and make sure I’m doing what I’m recommending you today.  See you at Linkedin (just reminded me I need to complete my profile , Ecademy or Facebook.

(photo courtesy of incognita nom de plume)

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