What on earth is #sy?

After just two days of intense speculation on Twitter, it’s time to pull the covers off #sy!

There are three parts to this story.

1. #sy is the social media consultancy formerly known as iJump! You can find the #sy website here. Meanwhile, the iJump blog and iJumpTV  will remain as a not-for-profit, community resource to grow collective wisdom about the future of business.

2. Our launch party is tonight, November 20th, and we’re going to help our guests – many of whom are absolute beginners at social media – experience, rather than just hear about, social media engagement. That means connecting them with you – the people who read this blog, who tweet, who Facebook regularly. It’s about building connections and creating mutual understanding. And it really excites me!

3. We’re also launching an ambitious plan… but perhaps I’m speaking too soon. I’ll keep tight-lipped on that one for now.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the #sy hashtag. Our media team James, Courtney and Lewis have some great adventures planned on the way to the venue.

We look forward to learning with you. What’s been your impressions of #sy so far?

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