What is engagement online? 什么是良好的线上互动?

Anika Nafis asks what is engagement?Anika asks:

I just had a question about social media I thought perhaps you could answer. Might be a silly question but what’s engagement?

I am asking this because I’m trying to find brands that use different platforms well. What’s interesting is that successful brands on Facebook e.g. Coke and Burberry don’t really “engage” as in contribute to ongoing conversations on the content they post. They simply post things and there seems to be some kind of motivation for people to comment. What makes these brands successful on Facebook? What motivates people to like or comment on their posts?

“What is engagement” … that is a huge question. We’re working on a grand unified theory for it, but for now, it seems to be about whatever gets your attention and resonates with your values and/or self-image.

You’ve come across the difference between established brands and upstart brands.

It tends to work like this: older product brands can act more like mainstream media because generally the product is good, and consumers are used to an indirect relationship with the product (ie they don’t often talk to their can of Coke unless they’re totally smashed).

Where these brands often succeed is giving people a platform to express themselves and/or connect with others. Coke’s “buy the world a Coke” app is a great example.

Service brands and/or startup brands often have to take a different approach, being high-touch and interactive. That’s because there’s more of an ongoing relationship with the service provider. And more importantly, bad stuff can and does happen, so some engagement can offset some of the bad stuff. For example, Air New Zealand, Telecom, Dell, etc.


 So…. if brand X is successful and ahead of the rest and makes me feel (subconsciously of course because people never consciously claim brands make them feel things) important and impressive then all they have to do to engage is use the right symbolic imageries, music tone etc. to achieve engagement whether it be social media or a tv advertising?

So social media isn’t really a “superior” way of engagement, it’s just another marketing tool we can use?

Social media is superior when it comes to dialogue – direct dialogue with the brand, or dialogue between a brand’s fans. But yeah, it’s just part of the overall marketing mix.

HOWEVER … when you start with online and social, THEN work your way back to TV, print etc., those traditional media become very powerful. Measurable, even!

Thanks for your question Anika. And if anyone else wants to ask a question, please do! Contact us or leave a comment.

Anika Nafis asks what is engagement?

Anika 问我:“关于社会化媒体我一直有个困惑,我想你应该可以回答。这也许是个很傻的问题,但我还是想问,到底什么才是真正的线上互动呢?


“什么是真正的线上互动?” … 这是一个大问题。行业内的每个人几乎都在研究这个问题,但是却没有得出统一的定论。我认为,目前为止良好的线上互动就是线上品牌可以获得人们的注意力,发布的内容可以引起粉丝的共鸣。



“臭味相投者”分享他们的感想。可口可乐的“我想给全世界买一瓶可口可乐buy the world a Coke”手机应用就是很好的例子。 

就服务品牌或者是新贵品牌来说,他们的线上品牌更应该从个性特点方面注意客户或者顾客的要求,并且更注重与客户的交互。因为他们更需要建立客户的认知度和与消费者的长久关系。因为服务品牌的服务也许会达不到消费者的预期水平,而新贵品牌的产品也许也满足不了消费者的口味,所以线上的良好互动将弥补这些不足。新西兰航空公司Air New Zealand, 新西兰电讯公司Telecom 和戴尔Dell都是很好的案例。






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