What does the new economy look like?社会化经济体系初现

“A social media strategy won’t save your business” 

That’s one of the superb sound bites in this video from Brian Solis, a principal at Altimeter Group, talking about the Social Economy

And it’s not just Solis (or us) going on about this. Here’s Rachel Botsman, co-author of Collaborative Consumption, giving some real life examples of how the economy is changing around us

I watch these, and I’m excited. Because the way we’re designing our company is in line with these emerging realities. And the personal qualities I admire most – empathy and courage, for example – are the core competencies of this new era. 

But I’m also frustrated. Because too many businesses I talk to are backwards-facing and stuck in the 20th century. They’re looking for a quick fix, and trying to make customers do what they want. I can understand this, because I know what it’s like to be ignorant and desperate. But it’s not a good long-term position. 

Even if we decide we don’t like it, the times we are in are calling for courage and creativity. We need to learn how to embrace change and make it work for us, we need to play more seriously than ever, and we need to become experts at being naive – in order to learn better. 

What about you? How are you being affected by this new economy we’re in?


Brian Solis谈及社会化经济时,强调的就是上述这一点。

不仅仅是Solis 意识到社会化经济的重要性,Rachel Botsman,“团购(Collaborative Consumption)”这本书的合作作者,同样给出一些生活实例,来证明我们经济是如何走向社会化的。






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