What do the Chinese really think of us?

In episode 4 of China Exposed, we explored China’s Perception of our own home country, New Zealand.

China NZ Flag

In the West, NZ is renowned for having the world’s best rugby team, but China is a country where “rugby” and “American football” (橄榄球 ganlanqiu) share the same name. 

Scratching past the surface, the Chinese are coming here for more than just sheep and clear skies (although the clear skies and clean air are definitely big factors).  

More recently China has had greater exposure to NZ culture thanks to the hugely popular, Chinese reality TV programme, “Dad, Where Are We Going?” Most of the show was filmed in Rotorua and it brought Maori culture to the forefront of a mass Chinese audience for the very first time.

Media such as this is encouraging Chinese tourism and in the past few years China has become our fastest growing visitor market.  Chinese visitor numbers are expected to almost double by 2018, to approximately 400,000 visitors, spending more than $1.1 billion annually.

Thanks to a growing middle class in China, it’s no longer just the Chinese elite sending their children abroad for education.  In fact, China is now NZ’s largest export education market.

If the Chinese aren’t coming here to study, then they’re coming here to live. NZ is currently 7th in terms of where wealthy Chinese choose to buy houses abroad.

China is developing extremely fast, but as a developing country risks are still posed from the likes of pollution, food safety and a legal system that isn’t always strictly enforced.  With that in mind, it’s no wonder the Chinese have their eyes on NZ and, what’s more, NZ produce.

Ever since the baby milk powder scandal, the Chinese have been turning to NZ for produce.  For those interested in import/export, Chinese consumers are buying the following:

– Baby milk powder

– Dairy

– Honey products

– Wine

– Health care products

– Beauty products

– Fresh products (fruits, seafood and raw meat)

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