What are we watching?

New Zealanders have more taste than the rest of the world. 

At least, that’s one conclusion you could draw from YouTube’s “most viewed” stats. (to localise, change the “location” settings right at the bottom of the page)

Check out this NZ Herald story about who’s viewing what (featuring commentary from Simon). 

Interestingly, the 5th most viewed YouTube video is in Thai!

This suggests a) we’re a multicultural society, and b) because YouTube is blocked in China, we’re not really seeing the whole picture. Our Chinese community may well be watching videos on YouKu (the Chinese version of YouTube). 

And how many people in New Zealand are watching YouKu videos? We’d love to know! 

Chances are, Chinese social media is just as geographically widespread as western social media … we just don’t have the easily accessible statistics to know for sure. So a brand targeting the Chinese market is really targeting a global niche based on language, not just those within mainland China.

If you know about who’s using Chinese social media in countries outside China (for example, New Zealand) we’d love to hear from you. Comment below or contact us.

Meanwhile, here’s a remix of one of the most popular YouTube videos of all time. Because we like to keep it classy:


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