Xi Jin Ping bought steamed buns, and you’ll never believe what happened next! #thisweekinweibo

By far the biggest news on Chinese social media in the past week has been Chinese President Xi Jingping’s trip to buy buns at Qingfeng Buns.   image

Normally news about the president is firstly released by government media, but this time, Weibo and other social media got the first scoop on the President’s order.

Other related topics have taken off, including discussion of the restaurant itself, different types of buns, and how to own and run a bun restaurant. 

Here’s what else caught netizens attention this week. 

1. Do Not Stay Up Late at the Cost of Your Health #别拿生命熬夜#

A junior student died in front of his computer after staying up until 3am for several days. Netizens are discussing whether it’s worth it to stay up late for work or for anything else.

2. Me and My Mates’ 2013 #我和小伙伴的2013#

Weibo encourages users to show how many posts they’ve shared in 2013, how many retweets and likes they’ve got and how many people viewed their page in 2013. As weibo battles wechat for popular attention, this kind of social proof is an important reminder for people about why they use weibo. 

3. Let Red Envelopes Fly #让红包飞#

Weibo has a prize draw campaign encouraging users to share their post during Chinese New Year. People who get themselves involved have the chance to win various gifts in red envelopes (the traditional way to give a Chinese new year gift).

4. Buns in Different Areas #各地包子#

People’s Daily released an article about different types of buns in various areas of China. Netizens are very interested in the topic and they also comment on the importance of dumplings. 

5. Hair On Horse #马上有毛#

The coming year is the Year of Horse in China. Netizens recently created a series pictures about horse with the play on words. The pronuncation of “Ma Shang You __” can mean “__ on the horse” literally or “have __ right away” in Chinese. Therefore, pictures were created by creative people about money on the horse, house on the horse etc to mean they want to have money or house in the new year.

6. Beautiful Female PHD #美女博士#

This beautiful PHD student posted her photo online to look for a boyfriend to spend the new year with. A debate about guys opinion about dating a PHD female. This taps into a an important social issue; though the number of men greatly outweighs women in China, women in bigger cities are generally better-educated than their male counterparts, and struggle to find a mate. 

7. Xiaomi 2013 Income Statement #小米2013年度账单#

The host of this topic encouraged fans of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi (known as “The Apple of China”) to share how much they spent on Xiaomi for the last year and what kind of improvement they want to see for the next year. Xiaomi heavily involves its fans in new product development and continuous improvement; a big reason for the brand’s success.

8. Zhang Liang We Understand You #张亮你的好我们都知道#

Male model Zhang Liang has became suddenly popular since the success of the reality TV show with his son. As a new figure in the entertainment industry, he shared the glamour as well as the hardship. His fans told him they understand him and wish his family all the best.

9. The Question You Hate to be Asked #最怕别人问你什么#

What kind of questions are you afraid of and what question do you feel annoying? Is it “why are you still single?”, “how much do you earn?”, “You gained weight again, didn’t you?” or something else… What sort of questions made you shout Stop Asking!

10. Hosts of New Year Gala Released #春晚主持人曝光# 

The Chinese New Year Gala is the biggest event in the TV calendar, similar to the Oscars or Last Night of the Proms in the West. The announcement of the hosts gained a lot of attention on weibo in the last week. 

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