We have a winner!

Congratulations to Leigh Blackall of Otago Polytechnic for her his winning entry to the Tactical Transparency book giveaway .

Here’s her his comment:

"I should get this book because I work towards developing openness and transparency at Otago Polytechnic, using social media and utility web services to achieve that aim.

It strikes me as pretty unethical that publicly funded education resources and practices end up inaccessible to the public, and managed in a competitive market perspective that results in inefficient duplication.

I suspect that this book will help me argue for openness and transparency in a smarter and more productive way, helping Otago Polytechnic to continue its efforts in inspiring other public education and training institutions to consider new dimensions to their brief."

Thanks Leigh. Other inspiring entries we had were:

"At the end of the day – it all boils down to honesty and open communication. In essence we are re-discovering what it means to communicate – just the model changed.

People are becoming more suspicious of the world and the executives who call the shots.

Would you drink from a glass that hid it’s contents?"

Thanks to Jonathan Hagger from Waiariki for that comment.

And this from independent marketing consultant Jenny Wilmshurst :

Transparency and authentic are vital philosophies to attract valuable customer relationships in an overbearing media rich, fragmented marketing environment and an ever increasingly impersonal world. People crave to be special, unique and heard. Honest business relationships through social media attempt to cut through that.

And this via Twitter:

@Not_PMJohnKey Well Simon, the Not PM of NZ is a big challenge. rht nw I’m so transparent I’m unseen. I’m sure thr are lessons to be lerned

And this one from Dave Sparks brought a smile to my face:

Everyone needs this book.

Don’t see why I’d be so special. :)

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with me and Leigh on BlogTalkRadio .

Right now, it’s holiday time! We’re on a break until the 12th, but we’ll be keeping you company with our 3-minute book reviews on iJumpTV .

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