Using Visuals to Attract Chinese Consumers


Visuals – the best asset for gaining attention in China.

Visuals Blog 1We live in a world where more than 75% of internet users only skim read new websites, which means your business has to do two things: (1) get straight to the point; (2) make your point clear.  It should come as no surprise then – visuals are vital.

Websites, social networks and applications that are optimised for displaying photos or videos grow the fastest amongst Chinese consumers.

Where to share?

Weibo and WeChat – these are the most popular social media platforms in China, by far.  If your business isn’t on them, then chances are, you’re not reaching or engaging Chinese consumers.

The power of these apps and Chinese consumers engagement with them is monumental:

– WeChat alone has 1.1 billion users and 100 million of those are outside China;

– Weibo has 120 millions monthly active users and WeChat has 270 million;

– On Chinese Lunar New Year, more than 10 millions messages were processed in a single minute on WeChat.

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You can’t just share anything. Content must be both relevant and engaging, so localisation is essential.

Starbucks have localised in China and maintained their own brand identity extremely well (not just imagery wise).

Quality is key and in that respect you must remember these guidelines:

1. High resolution – Let consumers see what you’re selling! High resolution is essential for maximising appeal.

2. Mise-en-scene – It’s not just for films! Lighting, layout, picture … every element and every minor detail is integral.

3. Represent – Make sure what you show represents who you are, what you’re selling or what you’re saying (and quickly).

4. Be bold – The internet is filled with imagery so be sure to stand out amongst the crowd.

5. Research – In China, various things have connotations with death, such as clocks, the colour white and the number four.  Research is paramount if you want to ensure that you’re not crossing any cultural taboos.

Here to help

At syENGAGE we know the minefield that is marketing in China and we’re here to help you navigate through it.

If you’d like any more information on brands that have used social media to place themselves at the forefront of Chinese consumers, check out our recent blog post on Coca-Cola.

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