Update: new kiwi-Chinese video series, join us for The Red Circle

As we say in China, 好久不见!(Long time no see)

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll have some idea what’s new in the last few months. If not, read on for a quick update about syENGAGE.

"A lot of people back in my country do not like changes. I'm a little bit different. "Back in New Zealand

I spent a good deal of last year in Shanghai, forming alliances, conducting training workshops, chairing conferences, and most of all, learning.

While in Shanghai, I got interviewed for a project called “How Are You Here?”, talking to various international residents of China about their life and experience. Read the interview here.

Since December 2015 I’ve been back in New Zealand, working on a very interesting project called “My New Zealand”.

YJH logoKiwi Chinese Video Show

Well, it’s not actually called “My New Zealand”, but that’s the meaning in English. It’s 杨瑾鸿的新西兰,and it’s been running since its soft launch on Chinese New Year.

This show serves (at least) two purposes:

  1. "My New Zealand" takes Chinese viewers into the real New ZealandSocially and culturally, it’s building a much-needed bridge between the Chinese and New Zealand cultures.
  2. Commercially, it’s an opportunity for New Zealand brands to communicate in an “up close and personal” way with their Chinese audience.

The content has been generated in response to five years’ worth of questions I’ve received on Chinese social media, so the audience is fully engaged and anticipating interesting content.

If you think your business could benefit from partnering with “My New Zealand”, drop us a line: engage@syengage.com

If you use WeChat, you can subscribe to our channel using our friendly QR code:

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cropped-Google.jpg“China Exposed” and “China Marketing Exposed”

Last year we had some great feedback from our China Marketing Exposed webinar. We are retooling this webinar to be even better, so expect some news around the middle of this year.

In the meantime, if you want to be kept in the loop, sign up for the China Marketing Exposed mailing list.

Meanwhile, our informative video series, China Exposed, continues on YouTube. Subscribe to keep up to date with our latest videos.

980766_10153462608855754_8668690588892912912_oJoin us for The Red Circle

If you’re in Auckland, interested in Chinese business, culture or language, join us in The Red Circle.

It’s a super-informal (thus far) get-together of people interested in doing business with China, or just learning this great and ancient culture.

Our first event was on International Women’s Day, which we celebrated by only having one woman present. (Joking … pure coincidence).

Our next event is next Tuesday, 19 April, venue to be confirmed. Want to join in? Drop us a line: engage@syengage.com.

Sunday Social on Radio LIVE

From time to time I’m a guest contributor to Vaughn Davis’ show Sunday Social. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can listen to our latest segment any time.

Events coming up: NZSOMO, SMCAKL

June should be a good month, or at the very least a busy month!

I’ll be curating the June edition of #SMCAKL, Auckland’s biggest regular tech event, where we will cover the exploding messaging sector. If you follow us on Twitter you’ll have seen that messaging (also known as chat) is HOT, and is starting to eclipse social media as the activity people spend most of their time doing.

Be sure to sign up for the SMCAKL mailing list, and don’t miss a thing.

Also in June, NZSOMO, the New Zealand Social Media forum. I’ll be taking us “Outside the box” and giving a birds-eye-view perspective on what’s happening in social in the world today.

Back to China?

A return to China is definitely in the works, but for now we are focusing on the task to hand, which is:

  • Doing a great job for our existing clients (we love you!)
  • Creating great content for our “My New Zealand” video channel
  • Using all means necessary to get New Zealand companies ready to succeed in China!

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