Twestival – tweeting up for charity!

UPDATE:  See TVNZ’s coverage of the Auckland Twestival Twestival

This Thursday Auckland , Wellington and Christchurch will be the first places in the world to kick off a worldwide Twestival .

Twestival is like a normal tweetup , but it’s raising funds for CharityWater .

For just $10 at the door (or paid on the website) you can enjoy:

  • meeting other "imaginary friends" (people you know on Twitter but not in "real life")
  • free alcohol
  • possibly some music
  • being part of a world event that’s doing a lot of good!
  • and if you don’t even know what Twitter is, it’s a great opportunity to find out!

iJump is supporting the event and we’ll be saying a few things about social media and how it’s changing the world on the night. But only for a few minutes 🙂

The Auckland Twestival 2009:

  • Venue: Sale Street Brewery
  • Time: 5pm – about 9pm
  • Cost: $10 – all proceeds go toward Charity Water
  • Partners: Zendesk is the main sponsor; Sale Street Brewery are contributing; and little old iJump is helping get the word out.
  • HELP NEEDED: We’re still looking for someone to provide a laptop, large screen/projector and internet connection, so we can hook up with all the other Twestivals around the world! Contact Justin Flitter to help, or just leave a comment.

And thanks so much to Joi Design for putting together the nametags at such short notice.

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