Successful social media marketing in China – 3 case studies

(From Simon: Over the past few months we’ve had the delightful company of Harriet Zhou, our intern. One of her tasks was to find successful examples of what’s working in Chinese social media marketing. Below, Harriet has translated 3 of her favourite case studies from the original Chinese) 

  1. JiaDuoBao (JDB) We Are Sorry2013年10大社会化营销案例-加多宝

After JDB lost the case in 2012 to its competitor Wanglaoji (JDB and Wanglaoji were disputing for the trademark ), they released a series of images saying “We are Sorry”. Each picture has a crying baby with a sentence telling its  fault which implies their advantages implicitly as well. The series of images successfully gained netizens’ sympathy and was retweeted by more than 40,000 times.  Link

Translation of the words in the pictures:

Sorry we are incapable – we are good at selling herbal tea but not in legal cases.

Sorry we are selfish – we are the top herbal tea seller in the past 6 years, didn’t think about helping our competitor build factories, channels and increase sales.

Sorry we are stupid – it took us 17 years to become the only herbal tea brand who is capable of competing with Coca Cola in China.

Sorry we are civilian – after all, we are basically a private enterprise.


2.Coca-Cola nickname bottle2013年10大社会化营销案例-可乐昵称瓶

Coca-Cola released special nickname bottling in China in the summer, 2013. The nicknames are catered to Chinese internet culture such as Share A Coke with Your “White Rich Beautiful Girl”,”Tall Rich Handsome Guy” etc. Lots of people looked for the nicknames that would suit themselves or their friends, and talk actively on social media. The success proved the social media can be something more than just a tool, it can be the key field for brand communication.  Link 

 3.JD double Eleven Campaign 

JD launched the slogan “Not Only Cheap But Also Fast” for the 2013 Double Eleven Campaign. Since Tmall took ages to deliver goods to customers last year, JD came up with a series of reactive advertisement both online and offline aiming at such  weakness of Tmall. One of the creative ads in Beijing subway is just face to face with Tmall’s showing that the slow delivery of the suncream made a white girl become black and the slow delivery of the shaver made a guy look like a primitive man. They also released poster-sized created ads online which shared by lots of netizens. Although the 2.5 billion RMB sale in 3 days was substantially smaller than Tmall’s, it was impressive enough in terms of acting against its competitor’s campaign. 双十一京东3



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