Is it safe to help others? #thisweekinweibo

imagesWould you help an elderly person if you saw them fallen or injured?

In New Zealand, the obvious answer is yes. But in China, it’s a moral debate that played out this week on Sina Weibo, fuelled by tragic stories like that of Mr Wu and Mr Zhou.

Mr Zhou had fallen down on the road, and Mr Wu helped him up and sent him to hospital. However, Mr Zhou then sued Mr Wu, claiming he’d hit him and asking him to pay medical costs. 

Under severe pressure, Mr Wu committed suicide. Only then did Mr Zhou confess he had fallen, and couldn’t afford paying his medical bills.

Stories like this have made Chinese netizens wonder if it’s still a virtue to help old people. As Chinese society always promotes helping the elderly, now it is facing the moral challenge of integrity. 

  1. #让红包飞#  Let the red envelope fly

As Chinese New Year is approaching, one billion red envelopes are ready to grab on Weibo! By retweeting or commenting the related post, you go into the prize draw. Weibo has collaborated with big corporations to give away prizes such as Taobao vouchers, iPads, Peugeots (!) etc. More than 225 million netizens have participated in this campaign.

2.#最好的朋友跟了你几年了# How long have you known your best friend?

The host encouraged people to share their friendship which passed the test of time. People attended by sending wishes to their longest friendship. Most of them claimed that the best long-term friends they’ve got are their school friends.

3.#曾经的香格里拉# My Shangri-La County

Shangri-La is a Tibetan county in northwestern Yunnan province. It is reported the ancient town Dukezong caught fire and more than 300 houses were burned down. Netizens expressed their sorrow for such a heritage loss. Those who have visited the town before shared the photos and said they felt so sorry for the people there.

4.#老人承认自己摔倒# The old man confessed he fell down himself

The injured old man finally told the truth but it’s too late. The tragedy made netizens discuss fiercely if helping elderly is still a good virtue. More than 86% of the people involved in the debate said we should protect ourselves first rather than helping others blindly.

5.#高晓松减肥# Gao Xiaosong weight loss

Gao Xiaosong, a Chinese famous music producer and ‘”Campus Folk” representative, released some pictures of himself after a significant weight loss. Because of his humorous and bold remarks on Weibo and his easy-going and approachable personality, a lot of netizens responded to his post in a joking manner.

6.#哪个星座最好相处# Which horoscope is most easy-going?

Encourage people to vote for the most easy-going horoscope (Horoscope is one of the most popular topics Chinese like to talk about).

7.#汤唯遭遇电信诈骗# Tang Wei became a victim of telecom fraud

A phone call swindled this celebrity 210,000 RMB ($42,000). Telecom fraud has emerged in recent years as a new way to swindle unsuspected victims. People who had or heard of such experience shared the stories and reminded others of telecom fraud.

8.#来自星星的你# (Korean TV drama)

The main character in a popular Korean TV drama has opened a weibo account, enabling netizens to discuss the plot. Korean dramas are very popular in China, despite the language barrier. 

9.#当时忍住就好了# If I could have controlled my temper

A promoted hashtag for the new book Your Killer Emotions: the new, groundbreaking process for mastering your emotions and modifying your behaviour. This hashtag features excerpts and ideas from the book. 

10.#城市污染排名#  Ranking of the most polluted cities

The top 10 most polluted cities in China in 2013 are Xingtai, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Handan, Hengshui, Tangshan, Jinan, Langfang, Xi’an and Zhengzhou. Most of these cities are in central and north China. 

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