A slap in the face unites netizens #thisweekinweibo


A four-frame comic about a mum slapping her daughter became a blockbuster on this week’s Weibo. The first frame depicted a mum talking to her daughter with a smiling face: “You’ve been studying for a whole day. Mum will take you to the park.”

In the second frame, the daughter said: “No, mum. I like studying”. In the third frame, the mum gave the daughter a big slap on her face. The daughter touching her flushed face with the sad look was on the last frame.

The surprising plot together with the style of 70s and 80s drawing drove this comic’s popularity. Netizens put their own twist on the comic, incorporating hot news and social concerns, making it one of the hottest topics on weibo. 

A lot of people claimed they found resonance in this comic because they have experience of being slapped by their parents when we were young.


Here’s what else captured the attention of netizens this week:

1, #微胖是最好的身材#  Slightly Fat is the Best Figure

A debate about whether girls should accept being slightly fat or being slim. The majority of Weibo users voted that being slightly fat is the best figure for girls and looks healthy. Link 

2, #外语退出高考#” English excluded from National College/University Entrance Exams

The Education Ministry of China had a new National College/University Entrance Exam scheme which excludes English from the final exams. Some people support it saying it’s meaningless to study English just for the exam while others believe English is very important and useful. Link

3, #科比归来# Kobe’s Back

Kobe Bryant has come back to the match 240 days after the Achilles tendon surgery. He will play in the coming match against the Raptors. A lot of his fans believe he can perform as good as before in the next match and support him no matter what. Link

4, #雾霾好处#  The benefits of the Smog in China

Air pollution has made many cities in China covered with haze. Recently some government owned media published articles about the five benefits the haze brought. They claimed the haze made Chinese people more united, more equal, more wakening, more humorous and more knowledgeable. Netizens are very sarcastic about it saying the benefits are very surprising. Link (English language coverage here)

5, #张亮本名张振锁# Zhang Liang’s Real Name is Zhang Zhensuo

Zhang Liang (China’s top male model) has become a popular figure on Weibo since attended the reality TV show of “Where are we going? Dad” with his son Tiantian. Recently Tiantian released the news that his dad’s real name is Zhang Zhensuo and Zhang Liang is just his stage name. His followers were surprised that he had such a mediocre stage name. They gave him an English name Shock Lock translated literally from “Zhensuo”. Link

6, #妈妈再打我一次#   Mum, Slap Me Again

Endless re-creation of the original four-frame comic by netizens. Link

7, #张亮我想和你睡#   Zhang Liang, I Want to Sleep with You

After watching the reality TV show of “Where are we going? Dad”, a lot of females exclaimed they want to sleep with Zhangliang – but it’s not what you think. They meant just chatting with him in bed about poems and listen to his jokes, just like his little girl. Link

8, #四六级必过#   I Must Pass University Grade 4 and 6 Exams

The university grade 4 and grade 6 exams are coming in this month. Some students are confident but some are worried and feeling tortured by the exams. Link

9, #1212万万没想到#    1212 Beyond Imagination

Double 12 sales on Taobao is coming soon. We have red packets, gifts, fun games and more stuff beyond your imagination. Post your questions, wishes or topics you want to discuss with others here. Link

10, #回不去的曾经#  The Past We Can’t Go Back

We are about to say goodbye to 2013. What have you got and lost in this year? What do you hope for next year? Let’s talk about the past we can’t go back. Is it about friendship, love, family love or gay love? Link


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