Chinese singer breaks hearts, more ecommerce madness on the way #thisweekinweibo


Chinese girls around the world – and yes, even at syENGAGE HQ – nearly cried when they heard the news: Wang Leehom is engaged to be married. 

Wang (also known as Lihong Wang) is a famous singer and actor. His weibo update translates as:

“A lot of your wishes on my Weibo page was “hope you find your forever love soon.” I am lucky that I met a girl whom I can spend my life with. You haven’t heard of her before because she is not a celebrity. Her name is Jinglei Li, 27, is studying postgraduate at Columbia University. My parents like her very much. Hope you like her too.”

On the same day, Yundi Li, Wang’s close friend and also a famous pianist,  posted his relationship with someone who studies at the same university on Weibo. Netizens expressed surprise that they posted their relationships on the same day. Because of the rumor that Yundi and Lihong are gay friends, some netizens joked about it and said they did it to hide the fact that they are gays. (Homosexuality is not openly accepted in China)

Later on of the day, Lihong posted some photos about the Thanksgiving dinner with his family and his girlfriend. 

Here’s what else is capturing attention this week:

1, #裂变刮刮卡#  Taobao Scratch Card

On November 11 we had “Double 11”, now the country is getting ready for “Double 12” – a similar discount-driven ecommerce day, featuring Taobao (the consumer-to-consumer site not featured in Double 11) and other sites. This hashtag encouraged people to collect their red packets with the Taobao scratch card and more! Link

2, #给昨天的自己#  What would you say to the “Me of Yesterday”

Life has no turning back. Each day is a live show. If you had chance to say something to yesterday’s you, what would you say? Link

3, #2013倒计时#  The Countdown for 2013

Enjoy the last days of 2013 and live life fully. Don’t procrastinate. Live in the moment.  Link

4, #被自己蠢哭了#  I am so dumb

Share the dumbest thing you have ever done – the big or small things you have done which made you sigh “I am so dumb”. Link

5, #王力宏结婚#  Lihong Wang Announced Marriage

Lihong Wang (a famous Chinese singer and actor) sent a post on Weibo that he got married with Jinglei Li (a postgraduate student). Many people sent their best wishes to them. Link

6, #力宏附体#  Lihong Style

After Lihong Wang announced marriage on Weibo, another actor sent a post about his son using the same wording style and called it “Lihong Style” Link

7, #1212万万没想到#  1212 Beyond Imagination

Double 12 sales on Taobao is coming soon. We have red packets, gifts, fun games and more stuff beyond your imagination. Post your questions, wishes or topics you want to discuss with others here. Link

8, #逢考必过#  Pass the Exams

Sign up here and @ the subject you wish to pass.  Link

9, #帮汪峰上月球#  Help Feng Wang Get on the Moon

Feng Wang (a famous singer, one of the judges in the Voice of China, China’s answer to X Factor) released his new album on Dec 2nd. However the news is overshadowed because the top news on that day is that China launched a rocket to the moon.  Link 

10, #微博益起来#  Weibo Charity

Different charity topics hosted by different companies and celebrities. Link

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