The three worst things on your mobile. Which one’s worst? #thisweekinweibo

3 bad guys of mobileNowadays mobile phone is the important thing for our daily life. Low battery,poor wifi signal and showing in the process of refresh is the most 3 awful things of the smart mobile phone. But which one is the worst in people mind? People named that 3 things as “3 Bad Guys “

Most netizens thought it was hard to choose and each of the three would drive them crazy. While others picked the third one “showing in the process of refresh ” because in their opinions, the first two can be solved by themsleves and the third one is out of control.


1.Who is the most popular male celebrity – Kim Soo Hyun or Lee MinHo #第一男神#

The topic asks netizens to choose the most popular male celebrity from South Korea. 44357 people show their support to Lee MinHo while 86331 people choose Kim Soo Hyun. 31,361,975 comments has been evoked on Sina Weibo.

2. Three awful things of your mobile. Which one you can’t endure?  #手机三贱客#

This topic lists three awful things of mobile: low battery; poor wifi signal;  in the process of refresh. Which will be the worst one?

3.New Year’s Plan #我的新年计划#

2014 has come. What’s your New Year’s Plan? Most people said a good plan provided the clear direction of effects. While others are not used to do the plan.

4.Error collection of CCTV broadcast news#央视直播失误# 

7 mintues error collection video of CCTV broadcast news evoked discussion. Netizens thought it is very interesting, funny but showed their understanding of the mistakes. Whatever, CCTV is still the best channel in Chinese’s mind.

5.Shirley Temple passed away #秀兰·邓波儿去世#

According to a report from BBC, Shirley Temple passed away. What’s your response after hearing the news? Lots of people were shocked and said Shirley was their one of favourite actresses. But the younger generation is not quite know abount Shirley.

6. FlappyBird

The popular game “FlappyBird” make people understand a lot such as life just likes a bird. You will be killed if not fly, but you also will be  crashing dead if fly too hard.  Moreover it is suggested if one male can get higher score of FlappyBird, he will be the better boyfriend.

7. Save me, Du Min Jun #都敏俊,救我#

This is the first week Chinese people have gone back to work and school after Chinese New Year’s Holiday. Lots of incommensurate reactions have been appeared. People wanted to be saved.

8. Are you a fan of the TV plays “You are coming from star”#你是星星粉吗#

More than 30 celebrities such as Vicki Zhao, Mi Yang show they are one of the fans of the TV plays”You are coming from star”. How abount you? Are you also be the one? 8230 people said Yes,while 826 people said they were not.

9.Film:Frozen #冰雪奇缘#

“Frozen” has already been screened in China. This topic asked netizens to download the related game at the same time.

10.Competition of  full bangs#齐帘大赛#


It is said girls who have full bangs are the lovers of God. Competition has been launched to ask netizens to share the photos of who has full bangs. The 11 winners will have nice prizes from PBA brand.

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