The Myth of Control

223776150_5f685300b4Got this great email from Bronwyn Hargraves, who’s a marketing officer at Aoraki Polytechnic, as well as an avid fan of iJump (thanks, Bronwyn!). There’s a great insight in here:

“We were having a discussion in marketing class yesterday about promotion, control and communication…. and it got me thinking!

Companies often don’t jump in to social media tools because they are worried about control. They prefer traditional advertising media – tv, billboards etc because they are seen as the safe controllable option.

Yes, you have control of the message that goes out to your customers, or partners but how much control do you have over how that message is received? Was it received?

With mediums like social media, sure there is no control over what messages you may receive back, but this feedback gives you the opportunity to check if your message was interpreted as you intended, and if it wasn’t, you now have an opportunity to respond back. This will ensure an area of shared meaning is established, and ultimately gives you more control over your advertising.”

Thanks again Bronwyn, for your ideas as well as your avid fan-ship of our updates! 🙂

Is Bronwyn right? Does letting go actually give you more control? We think so, but we’d love to hear your experiences in this area.

(Photo courtesy of renatotarga. Thanks!)

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