The Most Important Social Media Measurement

Brainy Breakfast, 15 April 2014

Last week the NZ Marketing Association brought the marketing industry up to speed on social media in 2014.

I was privileged to share the lectern with Telecom NZ’s Troy Rawhiti-Forbes (just call him Tony, he loves it) and Unitec’s Deepti Bhargava (just pronounce her name right and she’ll be delighted and surprised!). 


Since Troy and Deepti are at the front line of social media, I thought I’d bring a helicopter view of sorts, based on my experience as a practitioner and consultant across both western and Asian social media platforms. Here’s the raw Prezi; I hope you can grasp the key message. 


And in the spirit of social media, here’s what the audience said about the key themes on the day:

What were your top takeaways from last week’s Brainy Breakfast?

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