The Future of Shopping

On this morning’s Breakfast on One, Marie is exploring the future of social shopping.

From where we sit, we see three sides to the future of shopping: group shopping (which is a hot topic), social ecommerce, and augmented reality.

Group shopping is the old-fashioned idea of a bulk discount if many people purchase a product. What’s new is how technology powers the process of finding many people to add to the group purchase. ReadWriteWeb has some great coverage of group shopping. Groupon is the world’s best-known example, while New Zealand has GrabOne, Groupy and others.

Social ecommerce is an emerging area that adds a social layer over the top of ecommerce. The earliest touch of this was’s “People who bought that, also bought this” feature. An interesting tweak on this is startup Shwowp, which aims to give consumers more power over their own purchasing history.

And finally, augmented reality offers amazing potential for seeing products in action without taking them out of their box. For example.

What these three areas have in common is the addition of data from other people – whether that’s your friends, your acquaintances, or strangers with similar interests.

Marie’s session also covered a popular video of a kitten playing in slow motion (ahhhhhh) and the business social network,

Thanks to Amar Trivedi for some of the suggestions for today’s content. Feel free to add your ideas for Marie’s next session below!

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