To pee or not to pee? #thisweekinweibo

Hong Kong’s rocky relationship with mainland China was the hottest topic on weibo this week, after a child from mainland China peed on a street in Hong Kong, resulting in an “intense conflict” with onlookers.


A commentary from Hong Kong’s Phoenix Chinese Channel has further added fuel to the fire. This inter-China conflict is even bigger than the “tea egg” controversy between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese several weeks ago. The sidewalk peeing incident is taking the two top spots on weibo this week. 

What are weibo users feeling? Generally they are seeing this as another excuse for Hong Kong citizens to blame Mainland Chinese.

 Some comments from Mainland Chinese netizens:

  • Hong Kong People always have the worst attitude to us. They receive RMB from us while advocating that we are using their resources and criticizing we are bad people without quality. Moreover, actually there are some fake products occurring in Hong Kong’s shopping malls now. That is really bad! If you do care about economic just cancel the permit of laissez-passer to Hong Kong!
  • After the establishment of Shanghai Free Trade zone, there is the tax exemption too. So who needs to go to Hong Kong for shopping?
  • There was a big line in front of the public toilet and the parents couldn’t find a concealed place to resolve this problem. He’s just a 2-year-old baby after all.

But not everyone was defending the parents:

  • This happens a lot in restaurants and subways in Mainland China. [If you see this happen, you should] call the police and educate the citizens about their bad behaviors in public.
  1. A child pees on the street of Hong Kong #孩子香港街头小便#

A child urinated on a Hong Kong street while outraged passers-by took photos. The child’s mother slapped a watching passer-by. After the police arrived, the mother was arrested.

  1. Congratulations! Sina weibo has become a listed company! #恭喜新浪微博上市#

Do you still remember your fist weibo posting on and who is your first follower? Why did you open your personal weibo account? Let’s talk about the things happened in weibo!

3Having fun with phone, it is a kind of disease! #爱玩手机是种病!#

Have you ever noticed that when people say, “ I have to go to sleep”, it actually means they’ll be on their cellphone for hours more. 

4A cuisine proves you where you come form #一道美食证明你是哪里人#

 An active topic where people introduce their city by naming the famous cuisine, not the city name. Then people guess where their city is. (For Beijingers, this could be very easy! Duck!)

 5. The most handsome men are those who know how to wear a suit #穿西装的男人最帅#

   A man who knows how to wear an appropriate suit is able to be more awesome. Who’s the most handsome guy you know?

 6. I want to lose weight to be a light#我要瘦成一道光#

A strange play on words, this trending topic reflects weibo user’s awareness of China’s growing obesity problems. Literally it means “I want to lose weight to be a light to illuminate all the fat.” One of the most popular comments is “the only reason I’m fat is because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality”.

7. Who is your favorite singer? #你追的歌手是谁#

Everyone has his or her own favorite singer. Who’s yours?

8. Earth Day#世界地球日#

Thousands of netizens joined the star Yalun Yan to support Earth Day to conserve resources and increase environmental awareness.

9. What do you think about the Taurus #你眼中的金牛座#

People born between April 20 and May 20 are under the Taurus star sign. This topic is gossip and communication about Tauruses (Tauri?)  The zodiac is very important in Chinese tradition. 

10.A Bite of China season 2 #舌尖上的中国#

Discussion about the release of the sequel to the hugely popular 2012 documentary “A Bite of China”. This culinary journey through China was a source of great pride to Chinese presenting “China Inc.” to the world and connecting the food with the people. 

 What this means for your business

  • China is one nation, but regional and historical differences matter. Don’t treat China as a single market in your marketing; instead, focus your efforts on a particular area. 
  • Continuing that theme, don’t use the same marketing tools for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau as you would in mainland China. For one thing, the character set is different (mainland China uses simplified characters, while the other areas use traditional characters. This is more than a cosmetic difference.)
  • Technology addiction is a hot topic in both western and Chinese social media. NZ Inc has a backhanded kind of advantage here in that our internet coverage is poor by international standards – so, people can come here to relax. 
  • Health and wellness, including weight management, is becoming an important issue in China (just as it has been in the western world over the last 20-30 years). NZ has a gold reputation when it comes to natural and healthy products, but your potential customers need to know your product’s functions and benefits in more detail. Tell interesting stories about what your product does. 

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