The business value of care企业价值观—关怀

How much does a small plastic bag cost? Not very much, but it can make a big bottom line difference.

I was recently chatting with my friend from Jiangxi province, China. KFC is big in China, and on a recent visit she saw why they are more successful than other restaurants.

It was a rainy day, and KFC had a dedicated waitress mopping the floor where people came in, and giving each patron small plastic bags to put their umbrella in. It showed not only efficiency and attention to detail, but more importantly … care. 

Sometimes our care is hard to account for, but in this case, a small amount of care – something any other restaruatn in town could have done – created very visible results. 

To some, it makes very obvious sense. For the others, who see only cost and not investment, what will change their mind?






2 thoughts on “The business value of care企业价值观—关怀

  • Hunter

    KFC and plastic bags….

    First things first, most companies that are not in China could not afford to have one person cleaning the floor full-time, why? Because some of Chinese KFC staff members are volunteers, as its the only way most university students can get “work experience”.

    As for giving away plastic bags in the rain most shops/shopping malls do this, and I really think that it does more damage to the environment in China the amount of bags that are around the place.

    So i think that using this is as example of business “care” is only half the story, because really businesses in China would be some of the most wasteful in the world (staffing, packaging, most things you can think of) when it comes to business practices. Businesses are going to have to change because the cost of everything is rising……. and the biggest change needs to come of the business owners, they need to get out from the office, stop counting $$, looking to cut costs and understanding what good value and service means…..

    My five cents

    • Simon

      That is a damn good five cents, thanks Hunter. Didn’t know about the volunteer side of things, which kind of reinforces the importance of brand.

      And waste… ah now there is an issue for our time. If we can offer the same kind of care to people, while also caring for this place we live in… that would be a wonderful (and profitable) thing


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