The best blog posts come from conversations

Two things this week reminded me of how great blog posts come into being:

1. My friend Albert Qian posted this status update:


A unique point of view borne out of years of experience, and it just took a nudge from .. someone … to make this a blog post. 

It just took a nudge...

It happened, and here’s the finished product

Albert and I chatted about the post afterward, and agreed that creating a blog post like this is a buzz. It’s not hard work, because there’s momentum behind it.

Not only that, you know that at least one person is interested in what you have to say. 

Simon at EO Power Breakfast2. This morning I delivered a Social Media Power Breakfast for the Auckland branch of the EO Network.

Blogging was one of the many topics that came up, and Dean Young of BRAVEday (a client we’re very proud to have worked with) said this:

“Blogging works best when we have a really clear picture of our customers. When we know who they are and what they want, we know what to write. When we get away from that, it gets much more difficult.”

To me, that nailed it. 

Blogs are meant to be conversations. So it makes sense for a good blog idea to come from a conversation.

In fact, the same is true of products. The best products come from a creative conversation between producer and consumer. 

What do you think?

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