No porn, please, we’re Chinese #thisweekinweibo

Western media often talks about Chinese online censorship, but in the past two weeks, it’s been a topic of interest for Chinese netizens too. Sina (the company behind Sina Weibo) announced a purge on porn, particularly on weibo.90eb2137tw1efe7br2cogj2050050mxb

According to Sina’s official declaration, the purge will have three aspects:

a)    Thoroughly checking all the sites, search engines, app store, set-top boxes and so forth, and deleting any text, images, video, and advertising deemed to be pornographic.

b)   The sites, channels and columns that produce relevant pornographic things will be ordered to stop, and if they don’t, they’ll be shut down and have their administrative license revoked.

 Here’s what netizens said:

  • Very supportive! But also need to make clear what kind of aspects should be scanned.
  • Striking hard is not effective; finding out the root causes is the key point
  • Porn is just a simple form of sex education
  • Please do not just focus on anti-pornography drive too much
  • The purge will never end
  • Please be concerned about the livelihood of publishers as well
  • I’m always bothered by the ads and pictures when surfing Internet. Good to carry on! 

Why is this anti-porn drive so important, and so intense? According to, socialist core values are at stake. The purge is also an acknowledgement of the internet’s pervasiveness; it’s like the air all around us. 

1. Anti-pornography drive of Internet 2014 #扫黄打非·净网2014#

“Civilized internet, rejecting pornography” is the core philosophy of Sina. The administrator of Sina Weibo states that his duty is to maintain weibo with all of the other members.

2. Young Female mortician #90后女入殓师#

A twentysomething mortician from Beijing faces a dilemma: social stigma versus loving her job. 

 3.  Yao Qiong reports Zheng Yu’s plagiarism#琼瑶举报于正抄袭#

Yao published an open letter to point out the well-known writer Zheng’s articles are copied. This was the hottest topic on the internet right after the open letter was published. 

 4.  The First Love usually fails#初恋一般成不了#

A poll: Your first love is wonderful, but never lasts (36,639 votes)  versus You are a lucky person if you’re still with your first love (23,503 votes)

 5.  Favourite novels. #百看不厌的一本小说#

Which novel do you never get tired of reading?

 6.  The trickiest profession #最坑爹的专业#

Commenting the top ten painful and trickiest professions, which mean sound nice, but make you feel lost after graduation.

 7.  I need a hug today #我今天需要一个拥抱#

What would do when you feel helpless? A hug from friends or crying alone.

 8.  I am in ____, and I want to go to____#我在____,我想去____#

Where are you in April, and where do you want to go in the coming May Day holiday?

 9.  The Total lunar eclipse #赤红之月#

There will be a total lunar eclipse on 15 April and 8 October of this year, 4 April and 28 Sep of next year. According to NASA estimates, next time will appear in 2032 and 2033. Are you going to miss it?

10. The big fire in Lijiang #丽江古城大火#

The ancient city of Lijiang had a massive fire again at 7pm on 14 April. This is the third big fire in this historic and much-loved city.

What this means for your business

  • While “sex sells” in almost any culture, China is still officially a conservative culture. Proceed with caution, but have fun.
  • The story of the young mortician plays into a larger story that’s particularly relevant for China at this time: please others, or please yourself? How can your brand help people solve both problems?
  • If you’re in education, how are you supporting your students after graduation? Tell your audience about it.
  • If you’re in travel, how attractive is your destination for May Day travel?









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