syKNOW - online insights into your China marketEvery day, Social Media creates a ton of data from wide range of sources. How many people are talking about your brand, your competitors, and the topics relevant to you?

syKNOW will help you understand and monitor what and where people talk about your brand online. 


Why use syKNOW? 

  • Competitor analysis. NZ companies now compete on a global scale. What are your competitors doing in the Chinese online space, and how are they perceived?
  • Campaign evaluation. How is your online campaign performing? What kinds of reactions are people having to it?
  • Consumer insight. Who’s talking about you, and what else are they interested in?
  • Crisis monitoring. What’s the impact of a PR crisis online? What key messages are getting through?
  • Key influencers. Who are the experts in your field who have earned the attention of your target audience?
  • Platform analysis. What platforms (e.g. Sina Weibo, BBS forums, Facebook, Twitter) are people using to discuss your topics of interest?

How does syKNOW work?  

The syKNOW process

“Big data” has become big business, leading to a wide range of software packages designed to collect and analyse social media data. 

At syENGAGE we’ve built relationships with a range of software providers, from global giants to China-based specialists. When we work with you, we find the right partner for the job, and work with them to define and collect the data that will matter for your needs.

After ensuring we have the best quality data, we set about turning data into insights. 

What for?

We use the insights gathered to create a tailored, intelligent online strategy for your brand. That’s where syCONSULT comes in.