syHUB – powering your online presencesy媒体中心

syHUBsyHUB does the doing of social media on your behalf.

While syKNOW gathers the insights, and syCONSULT develops a strategy, syHUB is where the action happens. 

With syHUB you’re not only getting the day-to-day support of a team well-versed in modern Chinese culture, but the backing of a strategic consultancy committed to protecting your brand. 

syHUB - content marketing in China

syHUB turns your strategy into action, by:

1. Setting up and operating your relevant social media channels

Your strategy developed by syCONSULT will identify the best mix of social media channels to reach the people you want to communicate with.

These could include:

  • Sina Weibo
  • WeChat
  • Douban
  • Renren
  • Qzone business page

We will ensure your channels are set up and verified according to best practices.

2. Developing guidelines and knowledge bases

In order to accurately represent your brand, we create and agree on guidelines, knowledge bases and escalation processes, so we can answer comments and questions on your behalf.

3. Content creation

Our specialists will create content (text, image,video) that is relevant, timely and likely to catch attention.

4. Customer service

The web is one of Chinese consumers’ favourite customer service channels. Our team will promptly respond to customer queries and comments. We also interface with your organisation to ensure customer experience is protected and insights are gathered. 

syHUB brings your strategy alive, and syEQUIP ensures that strategy lives on in your business. 






  1. 我们从了解您的品牌入手,根据品牌的不同特性选择不同的团队成员实施解决方案,实时代表您的线上品牌。
  2. 以月为单位,我们为您创造内容—文字,视频,信息图等各种形式。每一家公司都兼具媒体性质,但却不是每一家公司都懂得如何利用其媒体特性宣传其品牌,我们可以为您实现这一目标。
  3. 我们的倾听策略将帮助您了解谁在谈论您的品牌?他们对于品牌的印象和感触如何?他们想从您的品牌中获得什么价值?一系列的数据分析将帮助您“知己知彼,百战不殆”。
  4. 以月为单位,我们为您出具完整的数据分析报告及解决方案,使您了解我们的工作进程,了解您的品牌如何在新媒体领域下实现发展。

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