Get Savvy – a three-way approach to career development【神领意得】三步助您职业发展规划

We will all experience at least 4 career changes in our working life – whether by choice or imposition. Get Savvy may be the next best stop on the way to that great career. The syEQUIP careers programme is a series of personal and professional development modules that will help define your core strengths and talents, gear you up for your next career move and help you develop a resiliency that is required in our ever changing world.There are 3 key components to our programme: Get Savvy delivers a best practice career guidance program that will enhance:

  • Self-knowledge and self-awareness: Conscious examination of personal values, interests, and goals;
  • Educational and occupational exploration: Presentation and integration of information and experience; and
  • Decision-making and career planning: Understanding the interrelations between the self and the world and developing skills to make realistic choices and rational decisions

All our programs address the needs of clients with diverse back grounds, experience and education. Get Savvy emphasises Collaboration, Articulation, and Communication—at syEQUIP we stress the importance of getting engaged by encouraging clients to forge strong partnerships with their families, friends, peers, businesses, and community organizations. We have a network of businesses, industries, and community organizations that can be leveraged in your favour . Get Savvy is regularly assessed and reviewed – through our tertiary network, Leadership Forums, and internal evaluation which includes ongoing client feedback. Like all our programs Get Savvy has strong administrative support, excellent personnel, ongoing development, and follow-up to enhance client outcomes. Ready to Get Savvy today? Contact us:

在日常工作生活中,我们将主动或者被动的经历至少四次职业变化。sy锦囊智库旗下的【神领意得】(Get Savvy)职业规划项目将带您走出职业盲区,从而顺利步入职业旅程的正轨。该项目将从专业的角度为您亲身打造符合您的职业规划,帮助您发现自身优势和特点,结合市场趋势引领您找到职业发展的契机,实现职业道路上质的飞跃。


1. 了解自我价值:意识到自我价值,兴趣所在和人生目标。
2. 探索职业教育:整合信息和经验,通过职业教育增强职业能力。
3. 优化决策计划:明确自我和社会的相互关系,通过职业技能发展,做出有益于自我及社会的理性职业决定。