Get Busy by syEQUIP【企业发展课程】—sy锦囊智库

Is that business idea more than just an idea? Could you say goodbye to the 9-5 day and be your own boss? The Biz Plan-it business development course from syENGAGE is one way to find out. You’ll discover how to connect your passion with real needs, and build a business.

This course covers…

  • The commercial “sniff test”
  • The 21st century business startup model
  • How to learn more about your market
  • How to use social media to form a community right from the beginning
  • Marketing from go to wo
  • Cashflow forecasting, profit and loss, break even analysis
  • How to create a business plan and pitch to investors

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  • 商业取样调查
  • 21世纪企业创业模式
  • 如何充分了解客户和市场
  • 如何借助社会化媒体工具从基础做起建立社区
  • 商业成功之路
  • 现金流量预测、损益和盈亏平衡分析
  • 如何建立商业规划和吸引投资者