SpringboardNZ.org event recap: Agile Thinking for Governance

On the 15th of April syENGAGE facilitated an open fishbowl discussion for practicing directors who are members of http://www.springboardnz.org.

This video recaps the key insights from the session.  Enjoy 🙂

Topic: Agile Thinking for Governance.

The rules of business have changed… Markets are getting less predictable… Customers are demanding more realtime engagement… The corporate veils are getting more transparent and the workforce is evolving. All of these factors are making business and governance increasingly complex. The demand for vision, agility and leadership could not be greater but not in the way you might think.

The event also received some media coverage in Unlimited Magazine

The session’s over but not the conversation…  what are your thoughts on the role that governance plays in promoting business agility?


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