Some Chinese couples can have a second child … but do they want one? – #thisweekinweibo

 One Child Policy to end - netizens reactChina’s one child policy made the headlines last week when the government announced it was going to be a two-child policy in some cases. China has a rapidly aging population, and needs to increase its birth rate.

But on Chinese social media, the question was asked, if you could have two children, would you?

45% said yes, because an only child risks being lonely, selfish or a bit of a misfit. Siblings can be good company for each other, and look after their parents together in old age. 

But the majority said no, they wouldn’t have an extra child, even though they were able to. Their reasons are a reflection of modern life in China: economic pressure, busy and stressful lifestyles, and concerns about fairness and favouritism. 

Here’s what else was on Chinese netizens’ minds this week: 

1, #进来说个谎# Come here and tell a lie

Exactly what it sounds like. Asking people to tell a lie. 

2, #放不下的思念# The thing you miss, and can’t put down

The sad love story where you miss someone, but can’t be together. This hashtag invited people to tell their own story.

3, #我有最佳损友# The best toxic friend I ever had

This hashtag asked people for recollections of their “favourite” toxic childhood friend. 

4, #变胖大赛# Prove you’re fat

People shared photos of themselves to show the process of getting fat. Self-deprecating humour, making people think more about healthy lifestyles. 

5, #晚安# Say Good night

This recurring meme is simply a chance for people to say “Good night” to themselves and the people they love.

6, #2013年最后六周# Last six weeks of 2013

There are only six weeks left in 2013. This hashtag reminded people to finish their 2013 goals quickly, and asked people what their plan was. 

7, #东北暴雪# Heavy snow in the northeast of China

The northeast of China has the first snow this winter. People used this hashtag to share their photos. 

8, #学霸爷爷# China’s oldest student

71-year-old KouXue Dong is China’s oldest student. Netizens call him “a powerful chief of study” and take inspiration from him. 

9, #生不生二胎# Shall we have the second baby or not?

Netizens weighed in on this question, and answered the poll showing the majority saying “no”. 

10, #支付宝收费# Alipay charging from Dec.3rd

Starting December 3rd, Alipay will start charging a fee to transfer money from one account to another. Some people can’t accept the new policy while others think it’s quite normal.



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