Social media marketing becoming more mainstream

An eMarketer report shows that US marketers are planning on spending a lot more on social media this year. A survey by the Digital Leadership Group here in New Zealand confirms kiwi marketers have the same idea – except for the budget part (84% of respondents plan to allocate less than 5% of their budget to social, even though they say it’s important).

Procter and Gamble and Pepsi recently made waves when they chose social media over more traditional forms of advertising.
P&G’s move is quite interesting. According to this report they’re particularly strong on Facebook. It’s interesting that the world’s biggest marketer, which could easily create its own social network (and has in the past) is now embracing Facebook. It fits in with P&G’s philosophy of taking the brand experience to where the customer already is.
It’ll also help with P&G’s innovation – something they’re very good at.
Pepsi, meantime, have eschewed a Superbowl commercial for the first time in 23 years, instead opting for a long-term social media commitment based around enabling people to support their favourite charities.
It’s all very interesting to watch. Not only are dollars shifting from one medium to another, but marketers are facing a big shift in mindset. From broadcast to dialogue, from product-centred to cause-centred.
Obviously a big part of this shift is learning. What do you think are the most important things marketers need to learn to embrace the possibilities of social media?

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