Social media in the contact centre: what are the issues?社会化媒体与客户服务的结合

Last month I was part of a webinar put on by Amtel Communications and CCINZ, looking at the role of social media in the contact centre – and I was surprised by what I heard from the audience.

In Altimeter Group’s study into the career of the corporate social strategist, carried out less than two years ago, less than 1% of corporate social media initiatives rested with the customer service department. However, if statistics are anything to go by, our participants on Thursday have taken the challenges of social media by the horns. 

And here are the challenges they’re facing:

Social Media Call Centre Headaches

How do contact centres tackle social media? In exactly the same way every other department does: by adopting a company-wide strategic approach.

The trouble with that is, reality often doesn’t happen that way. The reality is often one, or just a few, visionary pioneers, who stick at something new long enough for it to become something proven. 

The good news is, more companies than ever are seeing the need for social, and it’s not just coming from marketing. Increasingly, demand for more learning and better strategy is coming from the customer service department.

Enjoy the full webinar, or skip straight to my section at 32:10.

What do you think of the role of social media in the contact centre?

上周,我参加了由 Amtel Communications (新西兰一家通讯创新公司)和CCINZ(新西兰客户服务协会)共同举办的在线会议, 该会议是就社会化媒体应用于客户服务展开讨论。我对于与会观众的见解感到惊讶,因此来这里分享一下。

我们参加了Altimeter Group(著名数字策略咨询公司)的关于企业社会化策略师职位的学习,该项课程于两年前正式开创,通过反馈,仅有不到1%的客户服务部门承担社会化媒体责任,这意味着,客服部门并没有直接接手社会化媒体回应项目,通常是市场部门正面处理来自社会化媒体的消费者问题。如果说一切都需要用数据来说话的话,那么以下的数据则表明了企业关于社会化媒体最头疼的问题:


Social Media Call Centre Headaches






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