Singles’ Day Shopping Madness – Weibo this week, 14 November 2013

Singles Day 2013

Nearly all of this week’s top 10 hot topics on Sina Weibo focused on the Double 11 Festival, also known as singles day.

The Double 11 festival is highly anticipated, with many products available for 50% off. This year, the total sales reached 35.019 billion RMB, nearly twice last year’s, with sales reaching 100 million RMB within the first 55 seconds.

On weibo, netizens shared their purchases and what they felt about them – some delighted at their purchases, and others complaining of price gouging or unavailable product. 

The Double 11 Festival is becoming a permanent fixture in the Chinese online calendar, and even overseas brands are starting to get the idea.

So here’s what specifically got people talking this week on Sina Weibo:

1, #双十一# Double Eleven

Purchases took place on Taobao and other ecommerce sites, but the conversation took place on weibo. Popular topics included tips for husbands to prevent their wives overspending, and suspicions of dealers jacking prices up before 11/11 to then artificially discount them. 

2, #光棍节快乐# Happy Single Day

There are two reactions to Singles Day: swearing that next year you won’t be single, or being happy alone. 

3, #张悦轩1112生日快乐# Say happy birthday to Zhang YueXuan

Birthday wishes to child actor and model Zhang YueXuan, who turned 6 this week. 

4, #一曲一人生# a song just like a kind of life

Sometimes music is the soundtrack to life. Netizens used this hashtag to share the songs they were listening to that matched their mood. 

5, #明年绝不# Never be single next year

See #2. 

6, #晚安# Say Good night

Ask people to say “Good night” to themselves, to the people they love. 

7, #11.11光棍节# 11.11 Single Day

See #1, #2 and #5

8, #双十一购物狂欢节# Double 11, Online shopping festival

A hashtag for people to complain or share what they bought on 11/11. 

9, #双11# Double 11

See also #1, #2, #5 and #8. 

10, #天猫双11来了# Double 11 on Tmall is coming

A sponsored trending topic by Tmall, owned by Alibaba (who also own Taobao). 


Chinese ecommerce is skyrocketing, and 11/11 is just one example of how popular it has become. This week’s trending topics show that it’s not about what gets bought, but also what gets talked about that matters in creating a customer impression. 

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