Simon Young, CEO杨瑾鸿, 总裁

Key facts

  • Coauthor of Social Media MBA (John Wiley, 2012)
  • A thought leader in the online communications space since 2001
  • An experienced and respected journalist, published in the New Zealand Herald, NZ Marketing Magazine, Idealog, iStart, NZ NetGuide, and many custom publications.
  • A sought-after public speaker who for 6 years has introduced communicators and marketers to the world of social media. He’s spoken and presented in Sydney, Shanghai, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin… and Rotorua.
  • Presenter at University of Auckland Short Courses
  • A public commentator on technology and social trends, sought after and quoted as an expert by the media (for example, TV3, TVNZ and the New Zealand Herald)
  • A business owner who has been at the forefront of emerging business trends
  • A popular figure in Chinese-language social media, with over 7000 followers on Sina Weibo and 7000+ on WeChat. Featured on NZ’s biggest Chinese-language website, SkyKiwi.
  • A blogger since 2004

Who I really am

I am insanely curious. I love to find out new stuff, meet new people and hear their stories. It’s a neverending journey, and I enjoy every step of the way. I’ve been in business for a decade, and I’ve discovered that life is too short to be just about business. I like to know the people I work with, as people. That’s why I’m so privileged to work with the sy-ENGAGE team. We love to achieve results with clients, we love to learn, and we love to enjoy life.

Non-key (but interesting) facts

  • 5th-generation New Zealander descended from Scots, Irish, English and German ancestors
  • Speaks English, Samoan, and is learning Mandarin Chinese.
  • Reads philosophy and history for fun.
  • Feels really comfortable with iPhone in hand

Connect with Simon

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Please don’t call me on the phone. I rarely answer if I don’t know who you are.

Photography by James Hancox


  • Social Media MBA (John Wiley, 2012)作者。
  • 自2001年起,一直是新西兰在线交流的领军人物。
  • 经验丰富的记者,供稿于新西兰先驱报,新西兰商业杂志(NZ Marketing Magazine), Idealog, iStart, 新西兰网络导航杂志和其他出版物等。
  • 受追捧的公共演讲人,主题涉及社会化媒体及其带来的商业影响。在悉尼,上海,奥克兰,惠灵顿,基督城,丹尼丁和罗托鲁瓦等地均做过演讲。
  • 新西兰奥克兰大学短期课程( University of Auckland Short Courses)的演讲人。
  • 新西兰社会化媒体评论家,被多家知名媒体(如: TV3TVNZ 和New Zealand Herald)邀请作为客座嘉宾。
  • 社会化媒体咨询培训公司合伙人。
  • 新浪微博名人(超过7000名粉丝),新西兰最大的中文网—天维网封面人物
  • 8年博客撰写经验。





  • 第五代新西兰移民,拥有苏格兰,爱尔兰,英国和德国血统。
  • 精通英语和萨摩亚语,正在积极努力学习中文。
  • 业余时间喜欢阅读哲学和历史书籍。
  • 是个iPhone不离手的家伙。

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