3 ways to tell if you’re trustworthy #thisweekinweibo

6_49481_bbaffd196c264a2Trust is a huge issue in China. 

Trending on Sina Weibo this week is a topic that shows you how to tell who can be trusted: 

How long have they had the same cellphone number?

According to research, people who haven’t changed their mobile number in 5 years or more have high credibility, because:

  • They don’t owe favours to anyone
  • They aren’t in debt
  • They’re not afraid someone is trying to find them

If you haven’t changed your mobile number in more than 8 years, you’re incredibly trustworthy!

This topic sparked 260,345 discussion. 19,411 people said they had not changed their number for more than 5 years, while 3,536 people said they had changed.

1.What’s the most beautiful name you have heard? #你听过最美的名字#

What’s the most beautiful name you have heard? Do you think you have a good name? Two-thirds of people like their names because they are gifts from their parents. While others thought their name should be better.

2. Who’s concert do you want to see?  #想看谁的演唱会#

Bigban, SUJU, EXO,Ladygaga, Mayday or anyone else? People expressed a preference for individual artists rather than groups.

3. People have high credibility if they haven’t changed their mobile number for 5 years   #5年不换手机号的人可信度高#

According to the research, people have high credibility if they haven’t changed their mobile number for more than 5 years. See above. 

4. Weather affects mood #天气影响心情#

China has suffered much hazy weather these days, and the meteorological department has issued an air pollution warning for 5 days. The poll asked whether the weather affects mood, and most netizens agreed. Very few people thought they could create their own good mood. 

5. Use one sentence to prove you are still a primary school student #一句话装小学生#

This poll asked people to use one sentence to prove they are still primary school students. One-third of people said they really wanted to go back to that age, while others said they actually were primary school students.

6. Who did you join Weibo for? #你因为谁开通微博#

Who was the reason you joined Weibo? Friends, celebrities,colleagues,teachers or anyone else?

7. Is your first lover still with you? #你的初恋还在身边吗#

Where is your first lover? Is he/she still with you now? Two-thirds of people showed they had no idea where he/she is.

8. Average height from different provinces #各省平均身高#

The research showed the average height for Shandong male was 174.61cm, which ranked the 4th. And the average height for Shandong female was 169.45cm, which was on the top of the list. Do you think the figure is right?

9. The best criteria for love  #最好的恋爱状态#

The best criteria for love should be simple. Without tiring, demanding,thinking too much. Just two people who like to be together and enjoy that relationship. What do you think?

10.Why are you saving money at the moment?  #最近你在为什么而存钱#

Asking netizens to share their savings goals: house, car, wedding…? 

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