Online shopping, KFC half off, and killing doctors: this week on Weibo, Oct 30th 2013

KFC half offWhile the USA’s biggest ecommerce shopping spree is “black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving), China has an even bigger wallet-buster called 11:11 (11th of November), and it’s coming soon.

This week, 11:11 is the top topic on Sina Weibo, aka The Chinese Twitter. Tmall, China’s biggest business-to-consumer ecommerce platform, is promoting this topic and giving a 红包 (traditional red envelop full of money) to random netizens using this hashtag. 

Also, in the “is this promoted or not?” pile, KFC launches a 50% off family buckets. Netizens are talking about such a big discount – and in the process, raising awareness of the discount. KFC is one of the most successful overseas franchises in China, largely through localisation of menu, and hiring of local managers. 

Here’s what else is exercising the hearts and minds of internet users across China and the world. 

1. #天猫双11来了# (Tmall Double 11 is coming)

Tmall launched the topic and campaign for double 11 festival, for people to create buzz about the festival. Lucky netizens can get the “红包”.

2.#肯德基全家桶半价# (KFC family bucket half off)

KFC launch big promotion:”50% off for KFC family barrels” Netizens were talking about this high amount discount. 

3. #熬夜最高纪录# (Staying up late record)

Ask people to share their highest record for staying up late, and share what you are doing during that moment. 

4. #微博“益”起来,小伙伴“益”起来!# (Weibo benefit partners)

Calling on netizens to take part in activities that benefit the public.

5. #温岭杀医事件# (Wenling Doctor murder)

A doctor was killed by a patient in Wenling, Zhejiang province. Netizens mourn for the dead doctor, and appeal against violence.

6. #旅行下一站# (Travel – where to next?)

Ask people to talk about the next stop of travelling. 

7. #晚安# (Good night)

People saying “Good night” to the people they love. 

8. #我有一个好同桌# (We share a desk)

People are sharing stories about their deskmates, who are sometimes their best friends. 

9. #下一个十年# (Next decade)

People are guessing where they will be and what they’ll be doing in ten years’ time.  

10. #中国版RunningMan# (Running Man)

There will be a Chinese version of the Korean TV show, “RunningMan”. Some netizens are excited about it, but others say it’s yet another copy of a foreign show, and China needs to create new concepts. 

Stay tuned next week for more. Meanwhile, as always, your comments are welcome. What do you think about the topics gripping the public awareness in China? 

2 thoughts on “Online shopping, KFC half off, and killing doctors: this week on Weibo, Oct 30th 2013

  • Luigi Cappel

    One thing I have in common with Chinese is the love of numbers, although I don’t consider myself superstitious. I do love seeing numbers like 11:11 on my bedside clock.

    It is interesting looking on Trendsmap that Chia is one of the few countries that has very little Twitter use, what there is probably comes from expats.

    The KFC story is interesting. I wonder what would happen if a fast food company did something like that in New Zealand or Australia. If it went ballistic, I’m sure they’d still make a decent profit and a percentage of people that hadn’t used that brand of fast food would be easily attracted back with follow up offers imho.

    • Simon

      Thanks Luigi!

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy a special day that’s coming up in December, then… 11/12/13 … although that’s only for us Anglo countries that use the proper date system. China uses America’s date system.

      The reason China has very little Twitter use is that Twitter is blocked, along with Facebook and YouTube. However some hardy souls use a VPN to get Twitter access.

      KFC is on the comeback trail after a food safety scare earlier this year. They have a long history of doing things right in China, with one of their biggest advantages being well-trained – and empowered – local managers.


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