On Weibo this week: Prove you’re single, memory lane, missing a driver’s licence

singles day
The mock-protest sign says: “We’re not going to be single again for this Singles’ Day!”

In the west, November 11th is armistice day, but in China it’s Singles’ Day, where single people celebrate (or commiserate) their single status.  For many, it’s a deadline to find a boyfriend or girlfriend before the 11th. 

On Sina Weibo, one of the trending topics was #一句话证明你单身# (use one sentence to prove you are single). 

In a country where marriage is not only the answer to loneliness but often an important part of economic progress, the pressure to have a significant other is strong. 

There’s pressure, and there’s also a wry humour that goes with it. Here’s one netizen’s sentence to prove she is single: “My boyfriend has lots of advantages, such as being smart, brave, filial etc. But his biggest disadvantage is he always loses his way, that’s why he hasn’t found me until now.”

Here’s what else got netizens interested this week:

1, #灌篮高手# SLAM DUNK 2013

is the 20th Anniversary for the famous Japanese Animation “SLAM DUNK”. Japanese media reported the Japanese animation channel had began to broadcast the new HD version of “SLAM DUNK” from Nov.3rd. Netizens talked aoubt this because it recalled their childhood memory.

2, #最美的时光# The best time

One teleplay which is called “The best time” will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV. Netizens argue about which is better: to choose someone who loves you (even if you don’t love them), or choose someone who you love (even if they don’t love you).

3, #你好明天# Hello tomorrow

Life will always give you an opportunity, which is “tomorrow”. Whatever bad things happened to you today, you need to prepare yourself to accept tomorrow.

4, #我想对杰伦说# Say something to Jay Chou

A chance to say one thing to famous Chinese singer Jay Chou. 

5, #一句话证明你单身# use one sentence to prove you are single

Only six days till singles day. Netizens must prove they are single in one sentence.  

6, #KRY出道七周年# 2013 is the 7th year for the debut of KRY (a group of 3 singers)

Ask netizens to wish happiness to KRY. 

7, #那份思念# Missing

Ask people to tell what they most missed in their heart. 

8, #儿时的梦想# The Dream from your childhood

Ask people to share their dream from their childhood.

9, #晚安# Say Good night

Ask people to say “Good night” to themselves, to the people they love.

10, #孙杨无证驾驶# Sun Yang drove the car without driver’s license

Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang drove a car without a license, so he’s been detained by police for 7 days.

Compared with, say, Twitter’s trending topics, we get an overwhelming impression that Chinese netizens are mostly concerned with matters of the heart (or at least at this time of year, with only 6 days until Singles’ Day). How can your brand tug at the heartstrings of what one speaker at the China Gap called “the most sentimental culture on earth”

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