NZ Inc must engage with China or fade away

Milk Problems

New Zealand has made the headlines again, although most in the know will tell you it’s a storm in a milk bottle. 

However, even if New Zealand’s high incidence of dairy product rejections is mostly about paperwork and not bacteria, there’s often a sense in China that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

This morning on Radio New Zealand I said that as a country, New Zealand has a great reputation, but we mustn’t sit on our laurels. Perception changes over time, and unless we as “brand New Zealand” are actively engaged with our audience in China, we may lose our space in the sun. 

As we are often so fond of pointing out, engagement is a two-way street. We need to not only tell our story, but we need to listen to the stories Chinese consumers are telling us freely through their use of social media. 

This is not an easy journey, nor a cheap one. In the last two years we at syENGAGE have helped our clients not only send messages but also shape those messages based on consumer feedback. It’s a transformative experience that makes a brand explore what to keep and what to adapt

There are (at least) two opportunities to develop your organisation’s skills in engaging with China.

1. China business training with NZTE in Auckland, featuring a mini-session by me. 

2. Our webinar, China Marketing Exposed, coming up on March 13th. This is where we dish the dirt from our front line experience representing Kiwi brands in China. Find out not only about social media and ecommerce, but the wider marketing landscape in China. Get in quick for the early bird pricing.  

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