Movie star breaks social media records with April Fools’ Day prank #thisweekinweibo

Love – or the end of love – will always catch the attention of China’s social media users.


This week, social media records were broken by the outcry over an affair that threatens to break up one of China’s “perfect couples”. Until last week, actor Zhang Wen and his wife, actress Yili Ma, had a marriage that was envied by the public. But last week he revealed that he had an extramarital affair with actress Di Yao.

Online, half of commenters were angry with Zhang Wen, because his wife has just given birth to their second baby. Others thought it must be a lie because April Fool’s day was coming.

On Monday, Zhang Wen released an article on Weibo apologising to his wife. 4 seconds later, his wife released the sentence, “Love is easy; marriage is not. Cherish every moment.”

Was Zhang forgiven already? Netizens couldn’t stop discussing, with 950 million discussions in the first 4 days. 70% of commenters were female, and primarily from Guangdong, Jiangsu and Beijing.

Major comments below:

  • Anger at Zhang Wen and Di Yao
  • Pity for Yili Ma
  • There is no true love in the world
  • The entertainment industry is very chaotic, no one knows who is right.
  • In this crisis, no one is wrong.
  • They were not suitable for each other from very beginning
  • Confessions: “Dear, when will you marry me?  Honey, where were you 6 years ago? I now have two kids.”

The story also attracted international attention, with stories in E! Online and the Hollywood Reporter


Update: On April 3rd, Zhang Wen and Yili Ma released a tweet on Weibo :”We are  expressing thanks to Di Yao and local media to help us build this gift for the public during April Fool’s Day. Actually it is a blueprint for our new film – Cheating for 96 hours” Most netizens were supercharged with anger by their behaviour, while others simply couldn’t believe what they said.

1.See you on Monday#周一见#

The famous actor Zhang Wen revealed that he had an extramarital affair with actress Di Yao Last weekend. People waiting for feedback from the parties.

2.Zhang Wen’s apology#文章道歉#

Zhang Wen released an article apologising not only to his wife but also to the public on Monday.

3.Cherish along the way#且行且珍惜#

Zhang Wen’s wife Yili Ma responded to her husband’s apology: “It is easy to fall in love with someone, but marriage is not easy to deal with. Cherish along the way.”

4.Nothing wrong with Zhang Wen#文章没有错#

Some people think Zhang Wen did nothing wrong. We can’t judge someone’s goodness or badness based on marriage alone. We can’t say he’s a bad guy just because he had an affair.

5.Happy April Fool’s Day#愚人节快乐#

What happened to you on April Fool’s Day.

6.A good Chinese father -in-law#中国好岳父#

Zhang Wen’s father in law released an article on Weibo to show his opinion. He said his daughter had already forgiven Zhang Wen and hoped people will stop discussing it.

7.We still love Leslie Cheung#十一周年继续宠爱张国荣#

Leslie Cheung (a famous Hong Kong singer) passed away 11 years ago, but is still fondly remembered and loved.

8.Help April#四月你好#

April is here. What is your dream for April?

9.Using one lyric to prove you know about Leslie Cheung#一句歌词证明你听过张国荣#

Famous and much-loved Hong Kong singer Leslie Cheung passed away 11 years ago. This trending topic asked people to use one lyric to prove you’ve heard his songs.

10.How long have you known your best friend?#最好的朋友跟了你几年了#

 How long do you stay with your best friend?

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