We Chat: Mobile Marketing Mayhem? Or the next big thing?微信:昙花一现还是新的契机?

syENGAGE is already on We Chat – in Chinese

In the fast-moving world of technology, there’s definitely an advantage to mucking around. Especially with people from different countries.

As part of my efforts to learn mandarin, I downloaded an app called Weixin last year to exchange voice messages with my friends in China.

Fast forward to this year, and it’s now called We Chat, and it’s being touted as the next big thing for mobile marketing.

Why this is awesome for mobile marketing

This is pretty exciting, because it takes online marketing back to its roots: one-to-one.

It’s the same promise as email marketing: opt-in, personal communication in a format that people are very familiar with. And unlike email, the cellphone travels with the recipient. It’s a very close and personal part of their lives.

Why this is terrible for mobile marketing

This provides amazing opportunities for smart marketers who are willing to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and design an amazing cross-platform experience for their beloved customers.

But there aren’t many smart marketers around. Instead, We Chat is likely to be overrun by marketers trying to sell stuff and treating each channel as its own separate universe. It’s not that they’re evil or lazy, it’s just that marketers are busy and risk-averse. They don’t have the brainspace to think about designing amazing experiences for their customers, and how something like WeChat could fit into that.

Of course, because you’re reading this, chances are you are one of the rare smart marketers. 

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Keep an eye on Line, a similar smartphone app developed by the Japanese arm of Korean company Naver. It’s primarily a way for friends to chat with each other, but already a Japanese company is using it to send out daily news and entertainment. Line’s also trying to monetise early with a “sticker store” (stickers are animated emoticons).












现在微信也有了英文版We Chat,同时被业界人士认为是即微博之后又一个改变格局的新事物。 











留意 Line这项智能手机软件。这是一款在日本十分火爆的类微信软件,已经有日本公司通过Line实现了营销。Line同时尝试推出自有的虚拟货币体制,以便丰富用户的使用体验。


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