Meet the new breed of Chinese tourist (part 3 of 3) – top tips for tourism operators

ZeaYou Hangzhou NZ Self Drive Holiday Seminar PosterIn part 1 and part 2 of this interview, we asked Jiani Wu, founder of Zeayou, about what made her start this innovative company. 

In this last part of the interview, Jiani offers her top 3 tips for Tourism Operators:

1. Capture their attention as early as possible. It’s almost too late to market your products after the travelers arrive. The FITs don’t typically stay for over 15 or 20 days in the country. Limited time in a country means they would well research the activities and products, or even book and confirm in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Give as much information about the products and activities as possible. I’ve seen operators having videos, text and pictures online to show their potential customers what they’ll encounter during their trip.

Generally speaking, Internet is the place the FITs go to and obtain information. Apart from internet, travel seminars/workshops are another place the FITs look for information. ZeaYou has organised two seminars this year about self-drive trips in New Zealand, one in Hangzhou and one in Shanghai.

3. Focus on creating or enhance your unique products or activities, giving the travellers an unforgettable experience in New Zealand. A happy customer these days posts their pictures and stories on social media.

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