Meerkats, Ostriches, Bees and you

Bee, photo from kubina on Flickr! It’s been quite a couple of weeks since relaunching this site! I spent a week in Wellington, and just came back from Napier on Monday. There’s a lot of interest in social media!

The Wellington trip saw me making two "official" appearances, one as chair of a roundtable discussion at the 6th Annual Media Relations Conference , and another as the penultimate speaker for ITPNZ’s annual marketing conference .

Besides that, there was a lot of informal meetups, such as the Twitter meetup at the Malthouse. Now there’s social media in action – about 30 people, some good friends, but all good acquaintances thanks to the microblogging service Twitter . All very interesting, diverse people, and some very good conversations were had late into the evening.

The same goes for the conferences, of course, except the evening part. Compared to this time last year, there’s a much stronger interest in – even respect for – social media. But there’s not a lot of experimentation going on, because, as one person on my table said, where do you start?

And further, while it’s easy for a consultant like me to just say "jump in", everyone has heard horror stories of what not to do. In fact, Kiwiblog ‘s David Farrar had a couple of cautionary tales of his own at the conference.

(Quick digression: he also had a great definition of the difference between bloggers and journalists: journalists have ADD , bloggers have OCD . Makes me a journalist!)

It’s iJump’s mission to help marketers and communicators get over this initial "meerkat" response – where you’re looking around at everything, but not actually starting anything – and getting you to a "bee" response, where you’re able to participate in building a community, and sharing information as part of a community.

Then of course there are the ostriches, a shrinking minority, who have plenty of "real work" to get on with, and would we just let them know when things are back to normal?

They’ll figure it out eventually. Normal has changed.

Now that I’m back from my travels, we hope to be restarting the blog schedule and iJumpTV . Would love your feedback on what you’d like to see, both on iJumpTV, and on this blog. Let us know in the comments field below of send me an email:

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