Marketing Now Roundup

Laurel Papworth, iJump’s Simon Young, Stephen Johnson, David Armano, Jim Stewart, Gavin Heaton and Siobhan Bulfin at Marketing Now, 23 Sept 2009

Marketing Now was mind-blowing. I’ve been to plenty of conferences where we’ve discussed social media, this time we used it.

There was a level of audience participation I’ve only seen in the geekiest of conferences before, but most of this audience were marketers. I guess Aussie marketers are fairly advanced!

I had the privilege of kicking off the proceedings on Tuesday morning. Here are my slides:

And thanks so much to Luke Grange of Knowledge Solutions, who uploaded this video of my closing. I appreciate the video and your kind comments, Luke!

The Marketing Now conversation continues – including the question, what should this movement be called (it’s obviously not just about Marketing) – at the Marketing Now Posterous page.

Update: there’s also a fantastic summary by Trevor Young (no relation)

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