Marketing in the “Social Media Capital” – Indonesia

With more tweets coming from Jakarta than anywhere else, Indonesia is being hailed as “The Social Media Capital of the World”.

Indonesia MapAt approximately 250 million, Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world, speaking more than 700 languages!  More to the point, it also has the  fourth largest Facebook population in the world, with more than 70% of the users aged under 25.

Estimates of Indonesia’s internet penetration range from as little as 16%, up to a modest 30%. Due to the Indonesian government’s five-year broadband plan, there is no doubt that this figure will increase rapidly.

Combine these factors with an emerging middle class, an unprecedented economic boost compared to that of pre-boom China three decades ago, and it’s not hard to see why Indonesia is referred to as “The new China“.

Mad about mobiles, crazy over apps

Indonesia is definitely a mobile-led market.  Despite the fact that only 25% of the population own a smartphone, mobile connectivity continues to transform the lives of everyday Indonesians.

As mobile gadgets become Indonesians’ primary computing device, the signs for a strong wireless market in Indonesia increase:

– Year-on-year since 2011, data traffic across Indonesia’s three main mobile networks – Telkomsel, XL Axiata and Indosat – has doubled.

– It is predicted that the total mobile data traffic in Indonesia will continue to increase five fold through to 2018.

– Indonesians are “app-crazy“, representing 8% of global app downloads.  As more and more Indonesians search for a higher quality user experience on their smartphones, they are choosing mobile apps over standard web browsers.

It’s fair to say that mobile internet and mobile apps will be key to driving media consumption in the future in Indonesia.  

Engaged in Social

Like China, the pace of change in Indonesia is lightning fast and they too have a love affair with social media.

Corruption is improving, democracy is evolving and Indonesian people are voicing their opinions nonstop online. 

93% of Indonesia’s internet users are on Facebook and advertisers are utilising this social media hub to increase the impact of marketing campaigns.

Marketers are integrating their social media programmes on FB and linking directly to related platforms:

  • Mobile messaging apps – LINE (20 million active users) and WeChat (15 million users)
  • Engagement channels – Twitter (30 million users)
  • Professional networks – LinkedIn (3 million users)

Combine Indonesia’s young socially engaged populace with the country’s mobile-led market and you’ve got an abundance of opportunities for alternative marketing channels.

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