Marketers need to get an education

Wow! what a week and a half it’s been.  We’ve just come back from a 5 day holiday to Taupo, Napier and Rotorua.  We had a refreshing time, took some photos which Simon’s loaded up on flickr.  We stayed with our awesome friends Gayle & David in Napier.

Before that we attended the annual Marketing Education summit in Auckland and held a day workshop for marketers in this field.

The first 2 days I listened in on some of the speakers and the questions marketers were asking.  I was curious about how they felt about their role and what stands in their way to market their organisations.

I felt like a fly on the wall listening to some of their concerns as 21st century marketers.  I admire what they do in this sector but I don’t envy them because their roles are constantly changing and more demanding than ever.

There were some great conversations.  We heard about a very successful campaign Waikato University did on Bebo.  Lisa Finucane shared what worked and also shared the mistakes they learnt after the campaign.  The wisdom of hindsight!

Other concerns raised from marketers were barriers from internal politics, departmental divisions and especially tradition.  Emerging new media challenges paradigms and the status quo.

Eve Gumbly, Marketing Services Manager at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, spoke about the beauty of having a zero budget for a campaign.  Creativity really kicks in when you have less money to play with.  She shared some tips on how to barter for things you need in exchange for sharing some of the services you can provide instead.  She inspired me to approach her about getting some art work done for our office through their students in exchange for sharing what we talk about here at ijump.

How do you get around some of the barriers?  Start small, start with what you can do.  Choose one social media tool that you think suits your organisation and learn about it.  Most of all, experiment!  Yes, it’ll cost you time, not money, but as Waikato University learnt you have to do it to learn. There’s no formula.   That’s how you get an education.

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